1. What kind of homes do you buy?

    We buy single family, duplex, town homes, apartment buildings, farms, vacant lots and just raw land. We will buy homes in need of extensive repairs including fire damage, foundation problems and many other issues. We also buy home that are in great condition and do not need many repairs.

  1. Does it cost anything to get an offer from THB?

    No! We will give you a free, no obligation offer with 24-48 hours of us visiting the home.  In most cases an offer will be made on the spot.

  1. How do you determine your offer price?

    We use recent comparable sales in the area and factor in the cost of repairs. There are many different factors when we determine a price.  We will go over the deciding factors with you at the time of the offer.

  1. What if I inherited a home and don’t live in your area?

    No problem at all! We can do everything online and even send a mobile notary to you for closing.

  1. What if I am behind on my mortgage payments?

    Call us FAST! Time is valuable in order to keep the bank from completing the foreclosure process.  We can work with bank to get your home sold and prevent you from losing your equity in the home.

  1. How do we complete the selling process?

    We can close as soon as the title company has completed title work necessary to convey ownership to us.  This process can usually be completed in 7-14 days.

  1. When will I need to move out of the home?

    You can pick your move out date. In some cases, we can allow you to stay in the home for up to one month at no charge.

  1. What if a family member that owned the home died and did not have a will?

    We have a legal team that can work through the estate process at no charge.

  1. How do I know you are a credible company?

    We will provide a proof of funds from our financial institute.  We also us Texas Real Estate Commissions contracts and are licensed agents in the state of Texas. No gimmicks.

  1. Where do you buy houses?

    We will buy in DFW and surrounding areas. We will consider any area if it is within a reasonable distance to DFW.  IF we don’t buy in your area, we can usually point you to someone who will.