Are you looking for a house to live in? Can't decide which neighbourhood? Do you need help in navigating this real estate journey? Well, you no longer need to worry because we will tell you why Burleson, Texas, is a good place to live in.


The livability score of Burleson, Texas, is above average, which means it is relatively better than other cities. The score is an accumulation of various factors that sum up the city's data points. It takes into account the following criteria: cost of living, crime rate, quality of education, and the poverty rate. Moreover, the residents' overall satisfaction with the city is also considered this livability score.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is what every person looks at when choosing a place to reside in. This is most especially true for families and young adults. Fortunately, the cost of living in Burleson, Texas, is significantly lower compared to other cities in the state. Although there are establishments that cost higher, the necessities such as housing bills, water and electricity, transportation services, groceries, health care, and miscellaneous services are affordable.

Low Crime Rate

Among the qualities of Burleson that the residents love the most is the low crime rate. Burleson is a peaceful suburban city that cares about the safety of its residents. In addition to that, it is a diverse community, so the issues of racism and discrimination are low. This quality is the deal breaker if you are looking to move in.


If education plays a major role in your decision, then you should not worry because Burleson has several high ranking school institutions. The factors of public school graduation rate, reviews of students and parents, ratios of teachers and students, enrollment fees, and facilities are considered in this rating.

Low Poverty Rate

The community of Burleson, Texas, is developed well and has a lower poverty rate than average rates.

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