Lake Worth is a small city in Texas with a small population of more than 4,000. The name of the city is inspired by a recreational lake called Lake Worth. If you are looking for a place to live in Texas, this city is worth considering. Although the city has a small population, the economy is continuously growing. With a median income of $47,004 and a median home price of $201,100, the city patiently solves its unemployment rate of 6.9%.

Lake Worth’s Strong Features

In terms of entertainment, arts and culture, and a diverse economy, Lake Worth performs well. Recently, jobs in the city have been increasing, and the unemployment rate has been decreasing, which is a good sign of economic recovery.

The cost of living in the city is lower compared to other cities in Texas. As of this writing, you will spend lesser by 8.6% if you live in Lake Worth. This is a great saving for those who are looking to relocate and downgrade their lifestyle.

Transportation is also a good thing about Lake Worth. If you spend 26.4 minutes in transportation on average, you will only need 24.4 minutes when in Lake Worth. Transportation here includes buses and cabs. Thus, the city offers a convenient way for its residents to go around the whole place without spending too much time on transportation.

Lake Worth as The Best City To Relocate

According to the review of, Lake Worth is number one in the list of “Where to Live to Avoid a Natural Disaster.” So, if you want to live in a safe area in Texas, Lake Worth is worth considering.

Lake Worth is also a part of “The Best Places To Relocate in the US.” The number one reason is the low cost of living, which you can surely afford if you are a small family or a working professional. Lifestyle is not a problem here. You can choose to live a simple and comfortable life. There are a lot of options in the city so that you can achieve the life you want to live after relocating.

Real Estate in Lake Worth

In the past 12 months, real estate appreciation in Lake Worth has gone up to 19.5%. This is a good indicator that there has been an excellent number of real estate transactions in the city. In case you are wondering, the median home price in Lake Worth is around $201,100. This means that you can already own a property with this amount of money, which is lower compared to other cities in the state.

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